Union Island Neighborhoods that are safe for Tourists and Locals alike

Union Island is a part of the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and it’s a great place to live…or to vacation. This island is world-renowned for its immense charm, due to its gorgeous, white-sand beaches, turquoise waterways and enticing local eateries, shops and bars. Although it’s only three miles in length and one mile wide, it’s become a favorite destination of yachting enthusiasts because it’s just so unspoiled.

The small size of the island is actually a big part of why it’s so special, as its compact scale provides a sense of privacy and authentic Caribbean beauty which is beyond compare! This island does have a few downsides, such as a bit of crime, certain roads which aren’t lit too well at night and a few trees which have sap that causes rashes and irritation (these trees are generally marked with paint!).

However, on the whole, it’s a unique and peaceful place to be. In fact, it’s not such a stretch to describe Union Island as paradise…


Two Towns

This charming island features two towns, which are Clifton and Ashton. To start, we want to remind you that this island is only three miles long, so crime rates won’t vary between towns. This means that either town should provide the same level of safety. We’ll talk about crime rates for Union Island a bit later.

If you want to buy property on Union Island, our guide will also help you to choose wisely, with a mind to selecting the neighborhood which is best for your needs and preferences. Comparison will be the best way to highlight the pros and cons of each town and its neighborhoods…

Clifton Is More Popular

This town definitely gets more traffic and fanfare from tourists, probably due to its proximity to the ferry terminal, the international airport and the yacht anchorages of Clifton Harbour. The village comes alive during the yearly Easterval event, which highlights the richness of local culture.

The town’s main street is home to many charming places to eat, as well as bars, grocers, retail outlets and coffeehouses. There is also an open-air market.

 Ashton is a Bit Smaller

Ashton is found on the southern side of the island. It’s a better choice for those who want to get away from it all on a stunning Caribbean island. However, while amenities are located in Ashton, it doesn’t have the vibrancy and hustle and bustle of Clifton. Overall, the whole island has three thousand citizens, so the entire island will provide a relaxing experience. Nonetheless, those who seek out a little R & R will probably prefer Ashton, as its vibe is more serene and private.

Crime Facts and Figures

According to 2010 statistics via the Organization of American States, there were 1744 robberies (not counting car theft), which means that there were 15.6 robberies per one hundred thousand people. Bear in mind that there aren’t actually one hundred thousand people there – that figure is used in order to create statistics for crime rates.  Statistics are hard to come by for DUI arrests, so there is no indication of how prevalent the problem is there, believes DUI Attorney San Jose. There’s generally taxi’s that will take you where you need to go though, so for tourists it should not be an issue.

In addition, marijuana is grown on the island, so there is a bit of a drug culture, and gangs may sometimes be present on Union Island. It’s important to pay attention to personal security when you’re abroad and these stats will help you to understand how Union Island measures up in terms of providing residents and visitors with security.

To find out more about Union Island, visit message boards where yachting enthusiasts congregate to chat or check out official resources for this island. Review websites, such as TripAdvisor, also offer some information about which hotels, resorts and B & B options are preferable…and which should be avoided.

This is a Beautiful Island


Union Island is stunning. This is why people anchor their yachts there every year. In terms of a place to live, it’s small, but packed with interesting real estate opportunities. The island does have a Wi-fi service, although it’s not the most ultra-modern town around. It’s not supposed to be. It’s a tranquil Caribbean island where people come to lie on the beach, do some boating, scuba dive or snorkel and then partake of great meals and drinks on Clifton’s Main Street or in Ashton. So, why not visit this beautiful island?